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Whats most peoples biggest problem in the workplace? Hands down their boss. Via Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management Researchers have been studying organizational climate for more than 50 years and routinely find that 60% to 75% of the employees in any organization no matter when or where the survey was completed and no matter what occupational group was involved report that the worst or most stressful aspect of their job is their immediate supervisor. And bad employee-boss relationships have negative effects on the whole company. People who hate their boss take more sick days, do less work and are more likely to quit. Via Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management Is Overand Collaboration Is In : Theres a growing body of research indicating that bad bosses hamper productivity, which results in smaller profits and lost business. University of Florida researchers found that people who work for abusive bosses are more likely to arrive late, do less work, and take more sick days even though they may be physically fine this kind of employee-manager abusive relationship resulted in a workforce that experienced more exhaustion, job tension, nervousness, depressed mood and mistrust. These workers were also less likely to take on additional tasks, such as working longer or on weekends, and were generally less satisfied with their jobs. Also,employees were more likely to leave if they were involved in an abusive relationship than if they were dissatisfied with their pay proving the old maxim that people quit bosses, not companies. Even extraordinary leaders must learn the best ways to fight their number one enemy: hubris . The military style dictator attitude wont fly anymore.
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