The bosses were allowed to yell, scream, be unreasonable, and harass their employees. There are still plenty of leaders who operate that way. Current leadership trends and theories, however, are much more people-centric. It’s about leading with heart, engaging your employees, and giving them a voice. So how do you balance your need for efficiency and productivity with the compassionate treatment employees expect (and deserve) nowadays? Self-reflection Self-development Self-mastery Those first two are probably familiar to you; the third may seem more ambiguous. Self-mastery occurs when you understand your conscious and subconscious motivations to the extent that you can override your base instincts in favor of healthier thoughts and actions.It does not occur overnight, but is the product of many years of self-reflection and personal development. When you understand your tendencies (good and bad), you can adjust your behavior for better results. If you’re short-tempered, you can learn techniques to calm yourself before blowing up.
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